Prints on glossy paper

Prints on glossy paper can be divided into two categories: Classic photo prints and FineArt prints. Photo prints are usually on PE paper, which is relatively thin and very smooth and tightly pressed. These are the papers you think of when we talk about classic photography. Popular finishes are satin, luster or glossy.

Glossy FineArt prints are usually slightly thicker and heavier in weight and more solid. A good example is baryta paper with its own unique brilliance and expression. Baryta paper with its barium sulphate layer is capable of creating enormously dynamic and high-contrast prints. These types of paper are especially recommended when you want to print large formats.

By the way: do you know the difference between Giclée and FineArt printsRead more about what is important to qualify as a FineArt print and what is not as relevant.

Not sure? PIGS paper guide helps you find out which paper suits you best.

Classic photo prints

from kr153,00 incl vat

Classic photo papers with glossy surface

  • PE papers, resin-coated
  • 260 – 285 gsm
  • various finishes: satin, luster and glossy
  • bright white in tone
  • prints with pigment-based ink for highest lightfastness
  • acid-free

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