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Do you want your images mounted on a plate? Choose between foamboard, iBond or aluminum.
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At PIGS, mounting with guidance means that you get guidance from start to finish. We know that there are many questions to materials and their application. We try our best to provide practical solutions with answers and input.

"No, thank you. I know exactly what I want." - Then maybe it's okay to choose Online mounting.

We mount images on four different materials:

  • 5 and 10mm kapa (foam) - mounting up to 140x300cm
  • 3mm iBond (sandwich alu-pvc-alu) - mounting up to 125x250cm
  • 1.5mm aluminum - mounting up to 125x250cm
  • 1.2mm acid-free cardboard - mounting up to 80x120cm


Depending on the purpose, we recommend different materials.

  1. for framing: 5mm kapa is well suited (and most affordable) for framing. Without frames, the board will bend over time. The frame holds it in place and prevents them from bending. At the same time, the sheet lies straight in the frame.
  2. The same applies to 1.2mm cardboard. This material only works to avoid corrugation of the sheet. It can be particularly relevant if a larger format is to be placed in a frame and the sheet is a little weak/thin. Or when the frame is very thin. Cardboard can also be used if you want to hang the picture directly on the wall. The sides of the sheet are white and very thin.
  3. 3mm iBond works great for presentation without frames directly on the wall. iBond is also a professional solution for framing but a little more expensive. We offer a simple suspension with profile strips on the back for both iBond and aluminum. The sides of the plate are black/dark gray.
  4. 1.5mm aluminum works the same as iBond, only that it is thinner, heavier and appears as a high-end solution when it comes to mounting. The sides of the plate are silver/aluminum colored and very thin.


Please fill in the form. The more information you share, the easier the job will be, for both you and us. It also helps to avoid misunderstandings in communication. After we have received your request, we will contact you to take the next step together.

Allow at least 3-4 days production time for regular orders after all questions have been clarified. For large projects, the production time will depend on the scope and complexity. 

REMEMBER when filling in!

With the exception of your name and contact information, you are not required to enter anything in the fields. 

Try to answer all the questions that are relevant to your project.

If you still have any questions, you can write about it in the short description.

You can go back at any time to change the information provided before submitting the form.


Takk for all info.

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