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PIGS is one of the few suppliers in Norway where you can order prints on genuine Japanese paper. In Japan, paper is much more a part of the culture than in Norway. Paper is used for everything, even as a building material in walls. In other words: paper is a great and ancient tradition there. Unlike Western paper manufacturers, the importance of the paper's grammage is reversed, the thinner the more expensive. This is why Japanese paper is known to be very thin and fragile, not to mention very fine. 

Awagami is one of Japan's largest and most traditional paper manufacturers, producing the highest quality paper not only for calligraphy or drawing, but also for digital prints.

Rice paper from Hahnemühle however, is an affordable alternative to Awagami paper. Like Awagami, Hahnemühle is a traditional paper manufacturer with over 450 years of experience. 

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Hahnemühle Rice Paper 100

20% RABATT! fra kr159,00 incl vat
Hahnemühle Rice Paper is an ultra-light, cellulose-based FineArt paper. This white paper contains no optical brighteners. The surface is characterized by subtle lines and a light texture. The acid-free rice paper meets the most demanding requirements for age resistance and is specially designed for FineArt applications; as well as reproduction of old documents and Asian painting techniques.
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Awagami Kozo Thin White 70

from kr206,00 incl vat
Kozo (mulberry) is a traditional fiber used to produce exceptionally strong paper. 'Kozo Thin White' is recommended for photos, giclee prints and museum quality reproductions. Perfect where you need a very strong but semi-transparent paper.
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Awagami Bamboo 170

from kr206,00 incl vat
Awagami Bamboo 170 is an environmentally friendly choice over cotton-based paper. This dense but wonderfully soft Japanese paper is specially made for beautiful prints and longevity. The paper is made from a blend of 70% bamboo + 30% recycled pulp. Coated on both sides for double-sided printing.

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